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The Importance of Quality in Nam Ngum Ⅲ Hydropower Station

November 11, 2015, the foundation stone laying ceremony of Nam Ngum Ⅲ Hydropower Station was held in Vientiane, Laos, which is the biggest hydropower project built by Chinese company in Laos and one of the important projects in Laotian overall planning of development in 5 years.

The project of Nam Ngum Ⅲ Hydropower Station is located on Nam Ngum River, the tributary of Mekong River, which is about 200 kilometers from Vientiane. It is an comprehensive hydropower project, including electricity generation, cultivation, tourist industry, etc.
The project of Nam Ngum Ⅲ Hydropower Station includes dam, spillway, diversion and power generation system, etc. Drainage area is 3888 square kilometers and the dam is 220-meter high, total storage is 1.316 billion cubic meters. There are three hydroelecric generating sets with total 480 megawatts and average annual electricity production is 2.345 billion kilowatt-hours. The total investment is 1.29 billion dollars and construction period is predicted 6 years.
In addition, dam was designed with 3 affiliated structures: RCC protection panel, which are located in the downstream of Nam Ngum River to avoid erosion. Diversion wall upstream is designed as step-type to decrease the uneven settlement between stone body and concrete guide wall and to avoid damage.
Chinese companies insist on the attitude of high-quality, high-service and advanced construction equipment to provide systematic solutions for global projects. Especially for the construction trades, security and quality are in the premier position. Self drilling anchor bolt system is globally recognized secure supporting method and has applied in several projects with different geological conditions. If self drilling anchor bolt system is used in Nam Ngum Ⅲ Hydropower Station, it will not only improve the quality of project and decrease damage, but also extend its lifetime.
After the completion of Nam Ngum Ⅲ Hydropower Station, it will enhance Laotian electricity-generating capacity largely and will make great contribution for improving people’s life.

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