self drilling anchor bolts

T73 self drilling anchor bolt

T73 self drilling anchor bolt

T73 self drilling anchor bolt is combined drilling, grouting and anchoring together, which provide an effective and convenient anchor method. It is one of our excellent T-thread self-drilling hollow injection rock bolt. Within reasonable application of T73 anchor bolt, the anchoring quality will be definitely guaranteed among various kinds of geological condition.

About Product:


T73 self drilling anchor bolt

self drilling anchor bolt

Size Outer Dia. (mm) Inner Dia. (mm) Ultimate Load (KN) Yield Load (KN) Weight (Kg/m) Thread
T73/56 73 56 1194 785 10.75 R
T73/53 73 53 1160 970 14.10 R
T73/45 73 45 1630 1180 17.8 R
T73/35 73 35 1980 1355 21.2 R


Anchor Coupling

Anchor Coupling

Outer Dia. (mm) Length (mm) Weight (Kg) Thread
89 225 3.72 R
89 235 3.90 R
95 245 5.70 R

Anchor Nut

anchor nut

Size Type Key Size (mm) Length (mm) Weight (Kg)
T73 Spherical Collar Nut 95 70 2.22

Anchor Plate

anchor plate

Size Type Dimensions (mm) Thickness (mm) Hole Dia. (mm) Weight (Kg)
T73-56/53 Plat Plate 175*175 34 80 6.85
T73-35/45 Plat Plate 250*250 40 80 18.00

Drill Bit Adapter

drill bit adapter

Size Drill Bit Length(mm) Weight(kg)
T73 T103 105 3.08


anchor centralizer

Size Outer Dia. (mm) Length (mm) Weight (Kg)
T73 130 65 1.08

Drill Bits

drill bits

Type Size Diameter (mm)
EX T73 ø130,ø175
EXX T73 ø130
ESS-F T73 ø130
Clay Bit T73 ø200

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