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Concrete Slump Control During Grouting Process of Self Drilling Bolt

Self drilling bolt combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together, which has played a great role for the stabilization of projects. The density of grouting will directly influence the bonding degree between self drilling anchor bolt and structures. So, it should be controlled strictly.

Concrete slump has direct influence for the quality of pile construction. Standard concrete should be mixed uniformly, with good workability, small internal resistance, long initial setting time, good lubricity and good thixotropic property. It can effectively guarantee concrete pouring, continuity and compactness.

To formulate the reasonable slump of concrete and to ensure the quality of pile body, supervisors must pay attention to the following points:

①The raw materials for making concrete must conform to the requirements, especially the cement quality;

②The mixing proportion of concrete should be determined through experiments;

③Carrying out the quality control work of concrete mixing at the scene and strictly accordance with the mixture of feeding;

④Arranging someone to inspect concrete slump and other indicators.

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