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Anchor Bolt System Anchoring in Slope

Basing on the demands of slope engineering, geological condition, slope feature, scale, shape, deformation degree and construction condition, pre-stressed anchor bolt or coalition of non-prestressed anchor bolt, support pile, retaining wall and sprayed concrete can be adopted to sustain slope stable.

Under condition of the same safety factor for slope stability, pre-streesed anchor bolt is safer to provide supporting and resisting power, which can be used for slope reinforcement, slope earth-retaining, anchoring retaining wall, landslide prevention, etc.

The advantages of anchor bolt system anchoring in slopeļ¼š
1. Inverse construction method can provide immediate supporting and resisting power after excavation, which is benefit for controlling deformation of excavation slope.
2. Shearing strength of slope potential glide plane and weal structural surface can be enhanced.
3. Stress state of rock-soil body can be improved.
4. Actual pulling resistance and quality of anchor bolt can be inspected accurately.

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